Tauna Crabtree


"I believe in simple, practical solutions for powerfully effective change."

With  20 years experience in business management,  focusing on technology, finance and marketing, I have a passion for small business and a deep desire to see small businesses prosper.  I believe small business is the back bone of our economy and I want to do everything I can to help you, the small business owner, work smarter not harder, be more profitable, and live a great life.  Together we can save jobs and create more. Remember, no matter where you are, our solutions are within your reach.

The Vision

Stimulate and sustain local economies by helping small business owners create jobs.

Our Mission

Assist small business owners in strategically managing their businesses more effectively and efficiently by transforming their infrastructure and financial management tools.

Core Values

  1. Always be faithful with little.
  2. Operate without selfish ambition.
  3. Always put the interests of others before our own.
  4. Work with a spirit of excellence, honesty and integrity.