Bookkeeping & Financial Management

Our bookkeeping service is on steroids.  We specialize in cash flow management.  Are you in arrears on taxes?  Creditors?  How about payroll? Are you struggling to make payroll every week?  Low on working capital? If so, you are in the right place.  I can help! Even if you have none of those are still in the right place!  SOS Consulting helps you manage costs, find out where you  are most profitable, cut costs and increase your margins.  Let's talk!

Complete bookkeeping service including payroll and direct deposit. Never miss another filing date again!

We have you covered!



Creative-Strategic Problem Solving

We solve problems. We want to see you succeed in every area of your business with our help.


Define goals and objectives and develop a strategic marketing plan that incorporates SEO, email and social media.  We offer content creation or we can train someone in your organization. We can coach you on in-house- DIY marketing solutions for a shoestring budget or we can work together with our expert team to give you the WORKS!

Organizational Development

We will help you, the small business owner, look at different facets of your business, define strengths and weaknesses and then determine opportunities for increased effectiveness, efficiency and profitability.

Next Steps...

Let us pave your path to success.  No matter where you are, our solutions are within your reach. Our services our 100% mobile.  All you need is your smartphone.  Schedule your consultation today.  It's on us, there is no cost for your initial consultation!